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Welcome to the official website for Comanche County Government. Here you will find information on many programs and services, as well as subjects of interest to residents and visitors. We are here to offer assistance in making Comanche County a great place to live, work and play.

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Storm Shelter Registration

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Final Weeks until DRC Shut Down



Finals Weeks until DRC Shut Down

FEMA has officially announced that they are closing their Disaster Relief Center (DRC) on July 18th. For those still in the process of recovering, it is a valuable resource that will be gone. FEMA has received over 500 registrations in Comanche County for flood and other disaster related damages, but the number of people visiting the DRC is still low.

The DRC manager, Sandra Brown, believes that the biggest reason people aren’t coming in is because they received a denial letter from FEMA in the mail and think that’s the end of it. She urges that this letter is not the end, and the center can still help people get the help they need. A denial letter is often issued if a vital piece of documentation is missing, and the DRC can assist in identifying what you need to resubmit and get approved. Ms. Brown wrote that “you also have the right to appeal any decision made by FEMA and that could be as simple as getting estimates to show how much damage you actually had or something as simple as proving identity or ownership”. The biggest thing for Ms. Brown is, visit the DRC! They are there to help and do whatever they can for those in need.

The DRC is located at Tomlinson Middle School (702 NW Homestead Drive). They are open Monday – Saturday from 9am-7pm, and are closed Sunday’s. They will also be closed for 4th of July weekend (3rd, 4th and 5th). 



New E-Payment for Court Cases


The Comanche County Court Clerk's office can now take payment online for certain court cases. If you visit you can click on the E-Payment button in the top right hand corner and start filling out the information necessary to pay court fees. Make sure you choose Comanche County from the drop down menu when prompted. In order to make a payment, you will need a case number. If you don't have the case number, you can search for it on the OSCN website by name or other identifiers. It is important to note:


    • Not all cases can be paid through e-Payments. Payments may be made ONLY on CF, CM, TR and WL case types (Felony, Misdemeanor, Traffic and Wildlife) where all counts in the case have been fully disposed after January 1, 2005. E-Payments can be made on only one case at a time, and the case must have an outstanding balance due. Cases with a disposition date prior to January 1, 2005, cannot be paid through e-Payment.


    • You may have other oustanding financial obligations with the court that cannot be paid through e-Payments. Failure to pay the full amount due on your case or payment plan could result in further court action or the issuance of a warrant.


    • After you make an online payment, additional action by the local court may be necessary on your case. If a warrant has been issued in your case you must contact the court clerk after you make an online payment. An oustanding warrant will not be recalled automatically.


If you have more questions about court payments and e-Payments, visit our page for court Payments.

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