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Job Opening - Deputy Court Clerk 


The Comanche County Court Clerk’s Office has various job categories that are required to operate and maintain the integrity of all Comanche County District Court cases. The Office’s primary responsibility is to record, file and maintain as permanent records the proceedings of the district court in Comanche County. This office is a fast-paced, high volume work environment. Salary, benefits, and retirement package offered.


Job Description for employment: DEPUTY CLERK

Applicant will be required to perform all duties that are associated in maintaining the integrity of the Court Clerk’s Office that includes, but is not limited to, accountability of case records, filing records, processing new cases, and retrieving case files. Applicant must have a background in customer service, computer literacy, the ability to multi-task, have organizational skills, and a working knowledge of court terminology and/ or background in the legal profession. A high degree of integrity is a must.

Applicant must be motivated and efficient.



Applicant must attach with the completed application as a packet:

•      Authorization of release of information 
•      Résumé
•      Copy of either a high school diploma or GED
•      Copy of certificates of achievements 
•      Provide a criminal and civil background check
•      Typing certificate - minimum of 45 words per minute

Please do not submit a photo copy of the following with your application packet

•      Your social security card
•      Your driver’s license
•      Your passport (card or book)

Applications and résumés shall be submitted by mail or in person no later than 4:00p.m. on November 30, 2017.


Comanche County Court Clerk’ Office
315 SW 5th Street, Room 504
Lawton, OK 73501

No phone calls

Click here for application.




Sheriff's House Sale - November 13, 2017

This list is subject to change and may not be complete. For a complete list of properties, please visit the Sheriff's Office at 315 SW 5th Street, Room 102, Lawton, OK 73501.


CJ-2014-847 106 E Twin Ck Rd, Elgin 45,000 25-Sep-17 Nelson Constitution  
CJ-2017-174 836 SW Deyo Landing Loop, Cache 127,000 28-Sep-17 Baer-Timberlaske County Times RECALL
CJ-2016-832 312 NW 5th Street, Cache 75,000 28-Sep-17 Baer-Timberlaske County Times  
CJ-2017-334 418 7th Street, Faxon 48,000 28-Sep-17 Mock County Times  
CJ-2015-329 318 SE Camelot Drive 120,000 28-Sep-17 Kivell-Rayment County Times  
CJ-2017-13 15311 NE Watts Road, Fletcher 20,000 28-Sep-17 Kivell-Rayment County Times  
CJ-2015-706 3203 SE Coachman Place 60,000 28-Sep-17 Kivell-Rayment County Times  
CJ-2017-43 825 Huddleston Drive, Cache 85,000 28-Sep-17 Kivell-Rayment County Times  
CJ-2015-897 407 Dillon, Indiahoma 32,000 28-Sep-17 Baer-Timberlaske County Times  
CJ-2016-111 11241 Jere Layne, Elgin 157,000 28-Sep-17 Mock County Times  
CJ-2017-450 Read Legal Tract 1 17,500 05-Oct-17 Smith Constitution  
CJ-2017-450 Read Legal Tract 2 14,000 05-Oct-17 Smith Constitution  
CJ-2017-450 Read Legal Tract 3 7,500 05-Oct-17 Smith Constitution  
CJ-2014-186 4802 SE Ellsworth Avenue 58,000 05-Oct-17 Kozeny Constitution  
CJ-2017-28 20491 NW Cache Road, Indiahoma 29,000 12-Oct-17 Shapiro County Times  
CJ-2014-807 7209 NW Maple Drive 72,000 12-Oct-17 Shapiro County Times  
CJ-2017-398 944 Herford Drive, Cache 165,000 12-Oct-17 Shapiro County Times  
CJ-2017-548 Read Legal 15,000 12-Oct-17 Copeland County Times  
CJ-2017-30 4003 SW Mesquite Drive 62,000 12-Oct-17 Kivell-Rayment County Times  
CJ-2017-191 4619 NE Columbia Avenue 68,000 12-Oct-17 Kivell-Rayment County Times  
CJ-2017-304 6411 NW Compass Drive 50,000 12-Oct-17 Kivell-Rayment County Times  
CJ-2017-187 2411 SW Edinburough Drive 105,000 12-Oct-17 Kivell-Rayment County Times  
CJ-2017-503 1922 NW Arlington 48,000 12-Oct-17 Kivell-Rayment County Times  
CJ-2017-467 6436 NW Compass Drive 52,500 12-Oct-17 Baer-Timberlaske County Times  
CJ-2017-383 20949 SW Bishop Road, Cache 78,000 12-Oct-17 Baer-Timberlaske County Times  
CJ-2017-411 231 Curts Drive, Lawton 72,000 12-Oct-17 Baer-Timberlaske County Times  
CJ-2017-416 1312 SW B Avenue 62,000 12-Oct-17 Baer-Timberlaske County Times  
CJ-2017-378 2227 NW Baltimore Circle 30,000 12-Oct-17 Baer-Timberlaske County Times  
CJ-2017-397 322 NW 62nd Street 42,000 12-Oct-17 Shapiro County Times  
CJ-2017-16 6704 SW Delta Circle 27,500 12-Oct-17 Shapiro County Times  
CJ-2017-126 2404 SW 70th Street 320,000 12-Oct-17 Shapiro County Times  
CJ-2017-497 2619 NW Bell Avenue 40,000 12-Oct-17 Shapiro County Times  
CJ-2017-468 3010 NE Kingsbriar Drive 50,000 12-Oct-17 Shapiro County Times  
CJ-2017-66 2109 NW 38th Street 67,500 12-Oct-17 Shapiro County Times  
CJ-2017-469 819 NW 31st Street 42,500 12-Oct-17 Shapiro County Times  
CJ-2017-522 28 NW 40th Street 40,000 12-Oct-17 Shapiro County Times  
CJ-2017-504 5106 NW Liberty Avenue 115,000 12-Oct-17 Mock County Times  
CJ-2016-583 2107 NW Lake Avenue 50,000 12-Oct-17 Mock County Times  
CJ-2016-112 2306 NW 17th Street 41,000 12-Oct-17 Mock County Times  
CJ-2016-674 205 SW 78th Street 77,000 12-Oct-17 Baer-Timberlaske County Times  
CJ-2017-153 108 South 6th Avenue, Sterling 102,000 12-Oct-17 Livingston Constitution  
CJ-2014-9 814 SW Summit Avenue 15,000 12-Oct-17 Kozeny Constitution  

The sale starts at 11:00am on November 13, 2017 in the Commissioners' Meeting Room at the courthouse (Room 302).

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