Juvenile Bureau

Brenda Myers

Director Juvenile Bureau/Regional Juvenile Detention Center



My name is Brenda Myers. I am a 1996 graduate of Cameron University with my Bachelor’s Degree in Behavioral Sciences. While in college I majored in Psychology and minored in Sociology.  Upon graduation, I began working in Altus.  I was employed as the children’s counselor and the Spanish speaking Women’s Counselor at the ACMI House.  The ACMI House is the battered women’s shelter that offers shelter for women and their children, assistance in job hunting, housing, financial help and everyday living skills; outpatient/inpatient counseling for victims, outpatient/inpatient counseling for the batterer, and outpatient/inpatient counseling for the children.


 In 1998, I began my career at the Comanche County Juvenile Bureau under the guidance of Charles Ellenbrook, Rick Lowe and George Crow.  I could not have had more excellent teachers.  I was hired as an Intake/Probation Officer.  I managed delinquent and deprived caseloads.  I conducted intake interviews, reviewed cases with the District Attorney’s Office and worked cases completely through either a deferred prosecution agreement or through the court system and screened the juvenile’s case for possible placement in the juvenile detention center.  I further assisted DHS and the District Attorney’s Office with some minimal paralegal work on the Deprived cases. 


In 2004 I became the Supervisor of the Comanche County Juvenile Bureau.  In this position, I worked more closely with detectives of the Lawton Police Department and District Attorney’s Office.  I maintained a case load of juvenile offenders charged as Youthful Offenders.  I also reviewed every report submitted to the bureau and assigned cases to intake officers and probation officers.   


As of March 17, 2017, I have been appointed as the Director of the Comanche County Juvenile Bureau and Comanche County Regional Juvenile Detention Center.  I supervise the employees at the Juvenile Bureau and the Juvenile Detention Center.  At the Juvenile Bureau, we follow a juvenile’s case through the Court System and supervise juveniles on court ordered probation.  At the Juvenile Detention Center, we house twenty-five juveniles from our county and various counties throughout our state with cases pending in the juvenile court system as well as meet their daily needs while temporarily housed in our facility. 


In 2020 I was appointed to serve as the Coordinator of the Comanche County Multidisciplinary Free-Standing Team and as a board member of the Lawton Public Schools Foundation.  The mission of the Multidisciplinary Team is to facilitate cooperation, communication and coordination between the various agencies responsible for the prevention, identification, investigation, prosecution and treatment of victims of child abuse and neglect in Comanche County.  The Lawton Public School Foundation (LPSF) was founded in an effort to address continuing cuts in the educational budgets for Lawton Public Schools. The LPSF administers funds which provide local educators with scientific, educational, and charitable funding not available from the school district. Funded grants are used by teachers in the LPS school district for in-class educational materials, technology, and other teaching aids that would not be otherwise be available to them. 


My most important title was given to me in 2006.  That was the year I became a mom.  Today he is and phenomenal fourteen-year-old (14) and will be starting his freshman year at Macarthur High School in Lawton.