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District Court

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The Oklahoma Court System is made up of the Supreme Court, the Court of Criminal Appeals, the Court of Civil Appeals, and 77 District Courts. Administrative services for the court system are provided by the Administrative Office of the courts.

Unlike most states, Oklahoma has two courts of last resort. The Supreme Court determines all issues of a civil nature, and the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals decides all criminal matters. Members of these courts, and of the Court of Civil Appeals, are appointed by the governor from a list of three names submitted by the Oklahoma Judicial Nominating Commission.

Comanche County is part of District 5 in the State’s court structure. Seven judges make up our judicial staff in the county. Click on one of the judges names in the menu on the left for more information.

Comanche County Courts (District 5)
Comanche County Courthouse
315 Southwest 5th Street
4th and 5th Floor
Lawton, Oklahoma 73501

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