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Emergency Notification systems


Nixle is an emergency notification system created to provide secure and reliable communications. It is the first authenticated and secure service which allows government agencies to communicate with citizens in real time, delivering information to geographically targeted citizens over their cell phones via text messages, through e-mails and via Web access.

Nixle has secured a partnership with NLETS (National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System), allowing local agencies nationwide to send immediate alerts and advisories.

Registered citizens decide from which local agencies they want to receive information, the types of notifications they want to receive and the way in which those notifications are received, whether it is by email, text message or over the web.

When citizens receive information from our agency via Nixle, they know it can be trusted.

Register for Nixle here: or see the box at the bottom of the page. 

The types of emergencies and notifications Nixle can be used for, but not limited to, the following:

  • Watches– Citizens will be notified of all weather-related watches

  • Advisories – Citizens will be notified of weather advisories when the National Weather Service indicates hail is at least ½ inch (nickel) in diameter or winds are in excess of 45mph

  • Warnings – Citizens will be notified of all weather-related warnings

  • Evacuations

  • Fire in your area that could put you at risk

  • Bomb threat

  • Hostage situation

  • Drinking water contamination or boil water notice

  • Missing persons

  • For any emergency reason deemed necessary by city/county officials.


**ALL weather notifications will be sent as an “ALERT” message, unless the notification is for a weather event more than 24 hours in advance

**ALL weather notifications will be sent to ALL registered citizens due to the fact citizens may be travelling to or from warning area and Nixle may be their only means of notification.

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