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County Commissioners

Created by the Oklahoma State Constitution, the Board of County Commissioners is composed of 3 Commissioners who are elected by the people. Comanche County is divided into 3 districts, as equal in population as possible, and numbered 1, 2, and 3. One Commissioner is elected to administer each district. Boundaries for the districts are set once every 10 years following the Federal census.

  • Responsibilities

The Board of County Commissioners is the administrative and management entity for Comanche County. Each Commissioner administers a district, and as a Board, they are all responsible for the county as a whole. 

  • Legislation

The Board is responsible for enforcing legislation passed by the State of Oklahoma Legislature. The Board does not make its own legislation, though they can make resolutions.


  • Administration

The Board meets publicly when transacting county business. By law, the commissioners must act as a board to: enter into contracts, make purchases, or make agreements that will affect the county.


  • Finances

The Board is the chief fiscal entity of the county. It is in charge of receiving and expending funds, and is therefore held responsible for the following: making major financial decisions, transacting those decisions, preparing budgets, awarding contracts, and acting on claims. The Board must consider the estimated needs of each county office annually. The estimates must be published and forwarded to the Excise Board.


The Board is also responsible for investigating the performance of all county offices. This includes the proper handling of county funds. The Board can audit the accounts of all county officers who receive, manage, or distribute county funds. The Board can lawfully take action against an officer found delinquent in his/her duties.


  • Development

The Board advertises for bids and approves contracts for major purchases or construction projects within the county. State law allows the Board to incur indebtedness in the name of the county when necessary. Commissioners are empowered to call county bond issue elections when necessary for county projects.


  • Meetings

The Board meets every Monday at 9:00 a.m. in Room 302 of the Comanche County Courthouse, except on holidays or on special occasions. All sessions are open to the public and held in observance of the Oklahoma Open Meeting Act. 

Many other duties and functions are performed by county commissioners due to specific needs, which vary from county to county. Permissive legislation provides the basis for these additional duties and functions.

If you have any questions, you may contact the Commissioners’ Office at 580-353-3717.

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