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Grant Edwards

County Assessor 

Term: January 2019 - December 2022

315 SW 5th St, Suite 301

Lawton, Ok 73501


The Assessor’s Office is responsible for listing and maintaining records on all taxable properties, real and personal, in Comanche County. Real Property includes land and buildings. Personal Property includes the furniture, fixtures, equipment and inventory for businesses, farm equipment and manufactured homes. They are also responsible for the equitable assessment of all taxable properties in Comanche County. 

The Assessor’s Office determines the fair market value for homes, businesses and other taxable property in Comanche County on an annual basis. The fair market value may go up or down depending on the County real estate market. They will notify the property owners of any increase in the fair market value of their property.

They also assist taxpayers in filing homestead exemptions and affidavits for property that is exempt under Oklahoma law.

The Assessor’s Office resolves questions or protests about valuations, deals with the preparation and certification of the assessment and tax rolls, and appears before the County Board of Equalization as required.

A large amount of this information is now available to the public. Records can be accessed by visiting the Assessor’s Office at 315 SW 5th Street, Suite 301, Lawton, OK 73501 or by calling them at 580-585-5220. A limited amount of information can be accessed by emailing


Businesses will be mailed a Form 901 during the last week of December. If you do not receive one by Jan 31st, call County Assessor (580)355-1052

Farm & Mobile Homes

Farm & Mobile Renditions will be mailed the last week of December. If you do not receive one by January 31st,  call County Assessor (580)355-1052

Homestead Exemptions

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Military Exemptions

Click here for more information about Total Property Tax Relief for qualified veterans.

Senior Valuation Limit

For more information about Senior Valuation Limitations, click here.

911 Addressing

Applies to those outside of city limits. Please contact for more information about 911 addresses. 

Important Dates

The Assessor has several notable dates throughout the year, click here for further information.

Tax Information

If you are interested in how taxpayer monies are distributed, please click here.


Volunteer Fire Dept Boundaries

Comanche County

Commissioners Districts 

School District Boundaries

Property Value


Frequently Asked Questions please click here.

Informal Protest

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