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Hazard Mitigation Project 2022-2023

Hazard Mitigation Plans are prepared and adopted by communities with the primary purpose of identifying, assessing, and reducing the long-term risk to life and property from hazard events. Effective mitigation planning can break the cycle of disaster damage, reconstruction, and repeated damage. Hazard mitigation plans can address a range of natural and human-caused hazards.


They typically include four key elements: 1) a risk assessment, 2) capability assessment, 3) mitigation strategy, and 4) plan maintenance procedures.


Plans can be developed for a single community or as a multi-jurisdictional plan that includes multiple communities across a county or larger multi-county planning region. While most hazard mitigation plans are prepared as stand-alone documents, they can also be developed as an integrated component of a community’s local comprehensive plan.

The Hazard Mitigation planning Committee will meet monthly over the next year & a half to revise and edit the current Hazard Mitigation Plan that was adopted in 2018. 

The Committee is comprised of over 60 federal, state, and local officials. 

On this page, we are asking for residents to share any issues or concerns with regards to the hazards, risks, preparedness, and overall how your town or your county can better serve you during a disaster. Please think large scale tornado, flooding, and the like.

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