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Contact the staff: ccdc

Inmate Commissary

For inmate commissary questions or concerns, contact Tina Calfee.

Volunteer Program

For questions about the Volunteer Program, or an application to become a volunteer, contact LA Walls

Outside Vendors

Outside vendors wishing to do business with the Detention Center, contact Sandy Macdonald.

Outside Food Service Vendors

Outside food service vendors who have contracts with the Detention Center, contact G, Browders .


Outside medical agencies with questions or concerns, contact Diane Ortega. This is not a point of contact for family members of inmates who are being held in the Detention Center regarding medical questions. Medical information regarding an inmate will not be released to any person via e-mail or telephone. Medical information will only be released to another medical provider, an attorney, or by a valid court order and only after the inmate signs a Release of Medical Information document.

Outside Law Enforcement Agencies

Outside law enforcement agencies, and agencies that have inmate housing contracts with the Detention Center, contact Sandy Macdonald.


For questions about employment at the Detention Center or employment verifications, contact Sandy Macdonald.

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