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CCDC Personal Property

All personal property that is in the inmate’s possession at the time of his/her incarceration, which is not considered allowable property, will be locked in a secure area of the facility during the inmate’s stay at the Comanche County Detention Center. The property will be released to the inmate upon his/her release from the facility.


Rules for Family
Under some conditions, family members may be allowed to pick up the personal property of an inmate, provided the inmate provides written permission to CCDC to release his/her property to a particular individual. These special requests are reviewed on a case by case basis and are granted at the will of the Comanche County Detention Center’s administrator.

Please do not attempt to mail or “drop by” personal property (such as radios, clothing, toiletries, etc.) as they will not be accepted. All other items (such as personal hygiene, undergarments, snacks, etc.) can be purchased by the inmate under our commissary system.

You can now deposit funds directly to

inmate commissary accounts by visiting 

You will need inmates name or ID number.

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