Tax statements mailed


Property owners can expect a post-turkey surprise from the Comanche County Treasurer’s office in the next few days.

Property tax statements were mailed out by the office of Comanche County Treasurer Barbara Burk Wednesday morning.

Burk said the office sent out about 54,000 statements — 17,000 of them will go directly to mortgage companies, while 37,000 will go to individuals. The bills should start arriving in mail boxes Saturday.

The total amount to be collected from property owners this year will be just over $7 million, up a modest $250,000 or so, Burk said.

The first half of property taxes need to be paid by Dec. 31 or postmarked by that date if mailed. The second half is due March 31, 2012.

Taxpayers can pay using the automated credit/debit card payment system, which can be accessed online at  , or in person at the treasurer’s office in the Comanche County Courthouse. Most major cards are accepted, the only exception being American Express.

“The automated system has been really helpful,” Burk said.

This year, taxpayers who owe on more than one property can use the website’s “shopping cart” feature to pay more than one account with a single transaction, she said.

Other payment types accepted for property taxes include cash, check or money order. Citizens can make payments in person at the treasurer’s office or by including their payments in the return envelope included with the statement.

Property owners with escrow accounts will not receive a statement as it will be sent directly to their mortgage companies. Burk said if your mortgage has recently been paid off and you do not receive your statement, call the treasurer’s office at 355-5763.

Property tax statements are usually sent out during the first part of November. Comanche County Assessor Richard Strickland said the statements were delayed slightly this year due to difficulties experienced by third-party vendors who process the relevant data.