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Welcome to the official website for Comanche County Government. Here you will find information on many programs and services, as well as subjects of interest to residents and visitors. We are here to offer assistance in making Comanche County a great place to live, work and play.


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Former Comanche County Treasurer receives a state award


Congratulations to Barbara Burk! Today, she received The State of Oklahoma Citation of Commendation and Congratulations for 28 years of service to Comanche County, with seven of those years serving as County Treasurer. Barbara Burk Award


Comanche County Emergency Management would like to introduce Freddie The Frog


Chloe Lewis Comanche County Emergency Managements Deputy Director has an alter ego, during each school year Chloe morphs into Fredwina ( Freddie) the Frog, as the late fall and spring rains start falling a quiet transformation begins. First the phone calls begin on the Freddie HOT LINE  from the Comanche County Schools requesting that Freddie come out of hibernation and visit with students and staff members. As the days get longer and warmer Freddie receives calls from other entries requesting that Freddie be included in programs of awareness for safety talks.

Chloe really enjoys taking Freddie’s Safety message to the Children and adults each year. Freddie spreads her wisdom about Oklahoma storms and what not to put into streams and rivers. Chloe has made the statement many times that “if we can reach the children” then the message will work its way up to the adults who in turn will pass it on to other family members.

Freddie speaks to approximately 1200 students and adults during the time she is out of hibernation, she has been to all the elementary schools in the City of Lawton and Comanche County.

Freddie (Chloe) had a special guest appearance this spring at Fort Sill during the Annual Safety
Fair held on Post. Freddie spoke to the children while the Comanche County/City of Lawton Emergency Management Staff registered adults for the two mass notifications systems in place.  Freddie has been requested to return to post as several units have their own family safety events.

When the rains begin you never know where Freddie might show up it may be in your neighborhood or your local school.


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