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District 3: Road and Bridge Report

Don Hawthorne, County Commissioner



I am reminded of two quotes regarding Oklahoma weather. To paraphrase an Ace Reed cartoon: the drought in SW Oklahoma is interrupted by periods of flooding.  Will Rogers once said, “If you don’t like the weather in Oklahoma wait 5 minutes and it will change”.  It seems like the weather this year has been crazier than others.

In my 7 years as Commissioner, we have gotten the sand trucks out each year over the Christmas holidays.  This year it was on New Year’s Eve.  But enough about weather and on to roads and bridges!

We have completed our three asphalt overlay projects:  the 82nd Street Project from Combs Road to State Highway 36, the Multiple Road Project that included Briarcreek and a portion of Heatherstone in Pecan Valley South, Deyo Mission from the Railroad tracks south to Lee Blvd, several portions of County Road 115 and Cache Road from 115 to the West Cache Creek Bridge, the Cache Road Project from Paint Road to County Road 115 and Showplace Ave. in Indiahoma.

Because the 2” inch asphalt lift raised the road level and there were sections that needed work anyway, we had to work the bar ditches to build the shoulders to make the roads safer and eliminate steeper drop offs in a number of areas along the three projects.

This time of year we trim the trees back that overhang the roadway.  This increases the visibility and makes the rural roads safer to drive.  This also makes the trees look ugly, but doing it in the spring time, the trees will soon bud out and look better.

The truss bridge on old State Highway 36 east of Faxon was found to be structurally deficient for the weight limit during the last inspection.  Since this bridge was seldom used, rather than spend money on it we chose to close the bridge.

The heavy rains this past spring caused a large amount of debris to wash against the pilings on the Sandy Creek Bridge west of Indiahoma. The debris forced the strong current against the back wall causing a considerable amount of dirt to wash out that had to be replaced to preserve the integrity of the bridge. 

Kenny and I met with Adrian Tehauno and Theo Niedo with the Comanche Nation Transportation Department to review the roads that they wanted to provide material for out of their highway funds.  We have agreed on 11 miles of oil and chip roads and about 4 miles of asphalt overlay.  We are currently having the required engineering done by CEC Engineering Company.

This month we will take delivery on a new John Deere backhoe and a front end loader.  They will replace ones that are about 20 years old and are worn out.

After the overlay was placed on H Ave. in Cache three vehicles ran off the cross drain culvert at the 4-way stop at H and 115.  Coordinating with the Mayor of Cache, we put up four flexible reflective pipes to make the drop off more visible, particularly at night.  This has seemed to help since no one has run off since this was done.

In conjunction with our continuing safety training a CPR class was given to the Comanche County District 3 work force. 

Dennis Long retired from the District 3 work force having worked a total of 38 years.  Dennis’s primary responsibility was operating a motor grader.  However, when called upon he ran other equipment as needed to maintain roads in the western portion of Comanche County. We want to again thank him for his dedication and commitment to the County and wish him the best in his retirement.

On February 26, I announced that I was not going to seek a third term.  It was with mixed emotions that I made this decision.  My time as Commissioner has been a rewarding experience.  I have gained a deeper understanding of building and maintaining roads and bridges and a greater appreciation for county government.  My term will end December 31, 2018. 


If you have questions or concerns, I can be contacted at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or you may phone the County Barn at 580-429-3217 or the Courthouse office at 580-353-3717. 




The Sheriff's House Sale

The Sheriff's House Sale is a public auction to sell repossessed properties, and it occurs periodically throughout the year. Sales are usually held on a scheduled Monday, at 11:00am in the Commissioners' Meeting Room at the Courthouse (Room 302). A list of properties is listed below. Be advised that the list is subject to change, and may not be complete. For a current list, you will have to visit the Sheriff's Office at the Courthouse (Room 102).

April 9, 2018 Sale

CJ-2017-293 1211 NW Parkview Blvd 62,000 01-Mar-18 Lamun-Mock County Times
CJ-2016-821 4804 SE Red Bud Place 72,000 01-Mar-18 Lamun-Mock County Times
CJ-2017-769 5307 West Tyler Avenue 135,000 NON PUB Lamun-Mock
CJ-2017-785 Read Legal 50,000 08-Mar-18 Smith Constitution
CJ-2017-703 462 SW Bradford Lane 90,000 08-Mar-18 Lamun-Mock County Times
CJ-2017-750 1715 NW Ozmun Avenue 17,500 08-Mar-18 Shapiro County Times
CJ-2017-812 2505 NW Columbia 20,000 08-Mar-18 Shapiro County Times
CJ-2017-524 1116 1st Street, Elgin 118,000 08-Mar-18 Kivell-Rayment County Times
CJ-2017-593 719 SW Butterfield Drive 22,500 08-Mar-18 Kivell-Rayment County Times
CJ-2017-778 623 NW Granite Avenue 90,000 08-Mar-18 Baer-Timberlake County Times
CJ-2017-307 1008 SW McKinley Avenue 10,000 08-Mar-18 Baer-Timberlake County Times
CJ-2017-23 402 NW Rogers Lane, Unit 1 28,500 08-Mar-18 Baer-Timberlake County Times
CJ-2017-780 2206 NW 45th Street 50,000 08-Mar-18 Baer-Timberlake County Times
CJ-2017-340 2405 SW 43rd Street 52,000 08-Mar-18 Baer-Timberlake County Times
CJ-2017-810 101 Tyler Avenue, Chattanooga 16,000 08-Mar-18 Kivell-Rayment County Times
CJ-2016-359 5543 NW Eisenhower Drive 110,000 08-Mar-18 Kivell-Rayment County Times
CJ-2017-714 2217 SW Edinburough Drive 138,000 08-Mar-18 Kivell-Rayment County Times
CJ-2017-728 706 NW Mickelgate Blvd 87,000 08-Mar-18 Kivell-Rayment County Times
CJ-2017-811 1612 NW Black Mesa Drive 65,000 08-Mar-18 Kivell-Rayment County Times
CJ-2017-678 2704 NW 26th Street 23,000 08-Mar-18 Kivell-Rayment County Times
CJ-2017-510 2411 NW 6th Street 54,000 08-Mar-18 Kivell-Rayment County Times
CJ-2017-681 27 NW 29th Street 47,000 08-Mar-18 Lamun-Mock County Times
CJ-2017-574 515 NW Cheryl Circle 58,000 08-Mar-18 Lamun-Mock County Times
CJ-2014-199 3817 SE Camelot Drive 78,000 08-Mar-18 Kozeny-McCubbin Constitution
CJ-2017-663 7311 NW Andrews Avenue 62,000 08-Mar-18 Kelley Constitution
CJ-2017-734 2689 SE Trail Road 118,000 08-Mar-18 Kivell-Rayment County Times


April 9, 2018 Equipment Sale

This sale will be held with the House Sale at the Courthouse. There will be a viewing on April 6 at Bridges Auction in Elgin (8113 State Highway 17) from 1:30pm-3:30pm. Please contact the Sheriff's Office for more information: 580-353-4280.

CJ-2017-687 2007 Chevrolet SK3 CW Truck Pub 16 Mar 18 Constitution
CJ-2017-687 2004 Heston 9260 Swather Windrower with 9070 Header Pub 16 Mar 18 Constitution
CJ-2017-687 Heston 8400 Swather Pub 16 Mar 18 Constitution
CJ-2017-687 John Deere 4240 Tractor with front end loader Pub 16 Mar 18 Constitution
CJ-2017-687 John Deere 4430 Tractor with front end loader Pub 16 Mar 18 Constitution
CJ-2017-687 2000 H&S HDH Hay Rake Pub 16 Mar 18 Constitution
CJ-2017-687 John Deere 567 Hay Baler Pub 16 Mar 18 Constitution




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