Home Visitation

Visitation Rules


  • NO shorts or skorts shorter than the top of the kneecap or tight fitting will be allowed.
  • NO split-seam skirts or mini-skirts will be allowed. Dressed and skirts with slits than 2” above the knee are not allowed.
  • NO wrap-around skirts.
  • Blouses/Tops
  • NO Tube-tops
  • NO tank-tops
  • NO Crop-tops
  • NO Halter-tops
  • NO Spaghetti-strap
  • NO Sleeveless
  • NO Transparent or mesh
  • NO red, blue, orange, or gray t-shirts allowed.
  • NO leggings, biker pants, or body suits will be allowed.
  • NO spandex clothing, to include swimsuits.
  • NO open toe shoes allowed, including but not limited to thongs and flip-flops.
  • NO tight fitting sweat-suits.
  • NO low-cut or cutout design clothing will be allowed.
  • NO clothing bearing offensive wording or pictures.
  • NO headgear. (Excluding religious)
  • NO provocative clothing which exposes the midriff, is extremely tight, is off the shoulder, or which exposes any part of the breast is not acceptable.
  • All visitors must wear appropriate underclothing for their gender.
  • Children above the age of eleven (11) years old must comply with the dress code for adults unless handicap or medical reasons restrict them.