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The Sheriff's House Sale

The Sheriff's House Sale is a public auction to sell repossessed properties, and it occurs periodically throughout the year. Sales are usually held on a scheduled Monday, at 11:00am in the Commissioners' Meeting Room at the Courthouse (Room 302). A list of properties is listed below. Be advised that the list is subject to change, and may not be complete. For a current list, you will have to visit the Sheriff's Office at the Courthouse (Room 102).


October 7

CJ-2014-469 2607 NW Debracy Avenue 132,000 05-Sep-19 Shapiro County Times    
CJ-2019-10 2412 NW Nottingham Road 132,500 05-Sep-19 Shapiro County Times    
CJ-2017-41 1508 NW Euclid Avenue 28,500 05-Sep-19 Kivell County Times    
CJ-2018-321 317 NW 65th Street 58,000 05-Sep-19 Baer County Times    
CJ-2018-561 504 NE Cimarron Circle 46,000 05-Sep-19 Kivell County Times    
CJ-2019-238 2107 NW Baltimore 25,000 05-Sep-19 Kivell County Times    
CJ-2019-153 7014 SW Drakestone Blvd 127,000 05-Sep-19 Baer County Times    
CJ-2019-271 2401 SW Coombs Road 105,000 05-Sep-19 Baer County Times    
CJ-2019-375 Read Legal 41,000 05-Sep-19 Copeland County Times    
CJ-2019-347 1904 NW Smith Avenue 32,500 05-Sep-19 Copeland County Times    
CJ-2015-386 217 NE Happy Hollow Lane, Elgin 140,000 05-Sep-19 Mock County Times    
CJ-2019-59 2804 NW Ozmun Avenue 28,000 05-Sep-19 Mock County Times    
CJ-2019-319 1513 SW B Avenue 26,500 05-Sep-19 Mock County Times    
CJ-2018-686 621 NW Mockingbird Road 73,000 05-Sep-19 Mock County Times RECALL 12-Sep-19
CJ-2019-216 772 NW 16th Street 28,000 05-Sep-19 Mock County Times RECALL 12-Sep-19
CJ-2018-276 2401 SW Jefferson Avenue 10,000 05-Sep-19 Kivell County Times    
CJ-2019-144 3902 SE 75th Street 25,000 05-Sep-19 Kivell County Times    
CJ-2018-700 7203 NW Woodland Drive 58,500 06-Sep-19 Riggs Constitution    
CJ-2019-9 1402 NW Andrews Avenue 24,000 06-Sep-19 Nunley Constitution    
CJ-2018-807 820 Wisconsin Street, Geronimo 25,000 06-Sep-19 Garrison Constitution    
CJ-2019-73 239 SW Deyo Landing Loop, Cache 138,000 05-Sep-19 Shapiro County Times    
CJ-2019-84 1513 NW Arlington Avenue 40,000 05-Sep-19 Shapiro County Times    
CJ-2019-190 2424 NW 41st Street 41,500 05-Sep-19 Shapiro County Times    
CJ-2018-144 1229 NW Logan Avenue 27,500 05-Sep-19 Shapiro County Times    
CJ-2018-17 11223 NE Jere Layne, Elgin 162,000 05-Sep-19 Shapiro County Times RECALL 05-Sep-19
CJ-2019-262 1706 NW Ozmun Avenue 28,000 06-Sep-19 Newcombe Constitution