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District 1: Road and Bridge Report (Jan 2013 Pt. 2)


Road crews will be working on 240th Street, on a stretch one mile south of Oklahoma 17, workinng north towards the highway.

Please watch for road crews and signs to control traffic. We apologize for any problems and appreciate your patience as we continue to improve roads within the district.

The roads will be reoiled and chipped this summer as weather continues to warm up. 


District 1: Road and Bridge Report (Jan 2013 pt 1)


Well, welcome to 2013! We hope 2012 was all you hoped for and more.

We are starting off the new year by replacing a tin horn at County Line east, south of the Highway. Rain and weather may delay the work, but we will continue to monitor weather patterns. The tin horn will take 3-4 days to complete, as it crosses the entire road.

Please monitor closely and be prepared to take alternative routes to avoid troubles.


District 3: Road and Bridge Report (Dec. 2012)


It has been a busy but productive month for us as we get ready to end the year 2012. I believe we have accomplished a lot and look forward to 2013.

Our 10-wheel dump truck fleet has got some age on it, so we took bids for a good used one and received two good bids, so we decided to purchase both of them. Also, we applied for a revolving fund grant from ODOT and we received word this past week that we were granted $381,000 to buy three new 10-wheel dump trucks, which will be going out for bid soon. This will improve our dump-truck fleet.

Elk Creek Loop, off of Bishop Road had been partially chipped several years ago and had deteriorated beyond repair. The road crew dug out the soft spots and replaced it with 4-inch gravel to stabilize the base for the winter.

We were called upon to clear an area of play ground equipment at Cache Schools so the contractor could begin the new addition to the Intermediate building.

The hot temperatures of the summer have caused more roads to buckle, particularly on Cache Road. Forman Kenny Kinder had the guys take the Bomag recycler to grind off the high spots to make the road smoother.

An accident on the Rock Creek Bridge on Cache Road destroyed the guard rail. We completely replaced the south side guard rail and repainted it.

Every year an engineering company inspects our bridges to rate their structural integrity. There were 5 bridges out of the 135 in the Western District that require minor maintenance to prevent further deterioration.

The two summers of extreme drought has caused a number of trees to die in our right of ways. This creates a hazard if they were to fall on to a roadway. To make tree trimming saver, we purchased a bucket truck for them to use when they need to get to high places to do the work.



District 1: Road and Bridge Report (Nov. 2012)


I hope everyone had a great time during Thanksgiving spending time with friends and family. It is always a great time to reflect on the many things we are thankful for in our lives.

One of those things is a dedicated road crew. This month, crews have been working restlessly to complete Whitfield Road, while also expanding work in other areas. Last week, crews fixed King Road, under the overpass, while also cleaning up on 180th Street.

This week crews will be working on a three-mile stretch of 150th Street, south of Oklahoma 17. The road will be prepared for the oil-and-chip process, which will take place early next spring or summer.

Watts Road, west of Tony Creek Road, will have larger tin horns added this week to allow for more water to flow through during times of heavy rain. As it currently sits, the road is easily flooded, up to three feet, when the lake backs up.

Please pay attention to road signs and respect the workers on scene by traveling at or under the work zone speed limit. Thank you for your patience.


Distrct 1: Road and Bridge Report (October 2012 pt.2)


The recent cold weather has slowed down some of the process on the roads in District 1; however, despite the weather, crews will be out working this week in two areas.

Road crews will be working on Mountain View, preparing to begin the chipping process, weather permitting.

Work will also continue on Whitfield Road. Last week, crews recycled and chipped a number of areas. This week, they will attempt an asphalt overlay on certain areas, again, only if the weather permits.

Thank you for your patience and please pay attention to signs and workers in the road. Be safe!

You can access this report monthly on the county web site as well as the County Times. The official web site www.comanchecounty.us is maintained by the Comanche County Public Information Office.


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