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Road and Bridge Report: District 3 (April 2014)


Another month with little rainfall, however the grass is beginning to grow and we have started our mowing operations.

 The road crew has continued to prepare roads to be oil and chipped this summer. They have recycled the road surface on two miles of McClung Road between State Highway 59 and Shroyer Road.  This is the last of our FEMA funded roads. 

We have been working on funds to do a 2 inch overlay on the Meers-Porterhill Road which is classified as a major collector and did not qualify for FEMA funds.  The total cost of this project would be about one million dollars.

We also have Crater Creek Road between Coombs and Woodlawn Roads, Chattanooga’s Cemetery Road, and Paradise Valley Road north of Meers-Porterhill Road prepared and ready to oil & chip.

The crew will next move to Holsey Acres Road from Old Cache Road to Bandy Road and 2nd Street in the City of Cache.

H.K. Builders have started the bridge on Boulder Creek at Gore Blvd.  Construction is almost half completed. They should be finished by the first of July.

Several of our crew worked at the Fair Grounds hauling off woodchips that was used in the stock show.  Once the wood chips are used for such an event, it has so much manure and trash in it that it has to be hauled off.

We are continuing to make progress on our Phase 2 of 112th Street.  The necessary right of way has been acquired and the survey completed.  The fence will be moved over from the old property line.  C.E.C. Engineering, Road Forman Kenny Kinder and I met with the various utility companies so they can start moving their lines to accommodate the new roadway.

This past month we hauled sand to the Cache Middle School new playgrounds.  We have also continued to clear the trees and brush out of the bar ditches in anticipation of someday getting rain. 

ODOT is requiring all of our street signs with 4 inch lettering to be replaced with 6 inch letters.  The signs cost about $50 each and with 625 miles of road, one can only imagine how many signs that we will have to replace & the big increase in expense this will be.  Also we have been requested to photograph every intersection to be posted on Google earth.

 If you have questions or concerns, I can be contacted at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or you may phone the Courthouse or County Barn.