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Road and Bridge Report: District 1 (April 2014)


The warm weather has allowed for District 1 road crews to get back out and continue improving county roads. Work began this month recycling the roads in the Lakeside area, then moving to Little Bear Loop. Both jobs were completed and will be chipped back by mid June.

Next up was the Edgewater area., which will begin this week. Prep work will be done Tuesday before the final chipping on Thursday. After Edgewater is completed, crews will shift focus to entry areas around Edgewater. 

Work on Cache Road will begin next week and can expect to be rechipped middle to late May, which should allow the base time to be fixed in trouble spots. 

Additional work is being done cleeaning out the bar ditch from 75th Street to 45th Street.

Lastly, construction on the bridge on Woodlawn will begin today. The contracts allows 120 days to complete the project, straighten the road and make the area safer. Once completed, the piece of road will be reopened.


Thank you for your patience while we work. Also, please pay close attention to the upcoming tax vote and elections. Be sure to educate yourselves on each item. More information on the county tax can be found on this website by clicking the link on the left side of the page. Thank you