Road and Bridge Report: District 3 (Feb 2014)


The holidays are behind us, and we are looking forward to a productive year in 2014.   The crew took their vacations, and we were glad to not have to ask them back on to the job for any weather related emergencies. 

Road Foreman, Kenny Kinder, and a number of guys worked Super Bowl Sunday clearing the snow from roads.  Some of the roads received large amounts of traffic before they could be plowed, and they turned to ice making it difficult to clear off.  But the crew did a good job - hauled lots of sand, plowed lots of roads and made the roads as safe as they could. 

The ice storm last month caused some damage to sections of about 20 miles of District 3 roads.  Road Foreman Kenny Kinder, FEMA Coordinator Debbie McDonald and I met with representatives from FEMA and Oklahoma Emergency Management to determine if we qualify for assistance to repair this damage.  The economic damage has to reach a threshold dollar amount for us to qualify.  We will be informed of their decision later. 

At the request of the Town of Chattanooga, we have started to prepare approximately 12 blocks of streets in their town.  We will oil and chip them when the weather warms to a temperature of 50 degrees or higher and we are able to obtain the oil.  As in similar projects, the municipality will pay for the materials.

We have received a request from the City of Cache to redo 2nd Street from G Avenue to the railroad tracks. We will begin this project in the spring.

Every two years, we pay for an engineer to inspect our bridges.  The inspections were completed, and we received the report.  I am happy to say that out of 128 bridges inspected none failed to pass, but we have 35 that require some maintenance to prevent further damage.  That maintenance will be completed as quickly as possible. 

Kenny and I met with ODOT for a preconstruction meeting and with H & K Bridge Builders who will begin construction to replace the low water crossing over Boulder Creek on Gore Road. Construction will begin on February 17, and the contractor has 90 calendar days to complete the project.

CEC Engineering was selected to begin to design the bridge that will replace the small bridge on Airport Road between Old Cache Road and Gore Blvd. The construction of the new bridge will start next year.

Richard Sellers and Billy Bigbow helped the City of Lawton road crew recycle the old asphalt road on Lee Blvd. from the 112th Street intersection east to the four lane section of the road.  Lawton has gone out for bids for resurfacing on Phase One of that project. 

Our road crew will start milling up old asphalt on Phase Two which is the section of 112th Street from the railroad tracks north to old Cache Road starting February 10, weather permitting.  We are confident that the ODOT Commission will approve the funding for the Phase Two resurfacing at their March meeting.

A crew put concrete headers on the culvert at the intersection of Curts Drive and Stoney Point Roads.  There is a large ditch on the west side of the road, and we have received several calls from citizens worried about cars turning too short and running off the culvert.

We often mention the work of the road crew but fail to mention those in the office who keep our every day operation running smoothly.  I want to take this opportunity to publicly express our appreciation to Betty Berthold, the Commissioners Assistant, John Mark Fisher, the Receiving Officer, and Debbie McDonald, the FEMA Coordinator for their dedication and commitment to District 3.

If you have questions or concerns, I can be contacted at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or you may phone the Courthouse or County Barn & I will return your call.