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Road and Bridge Report: District 3 January 2014)


This past month snow, sleet and ice have occupied our time.  We estimate that during the last storm, we used over 500 tons of sand.  Much time was spent cleaning off bridges of an accumulation of ice and sand. 

At the request of Medicine Park officials, we sanded the major streets and hauled several loads of sand for them to use where needed.

We have purchased additional sanders from ODOT.  This will double our capability to sand roads and bridges during snow and ice weather conditions.

We rented a crack sealer to fill in the cracks that had developed in our asphalt roads due to drought conditions. We were particularly concerned about a number of cracks that had developed in the new portion of Lee Blvd.  By filling the cracks, it will prevent water from getting into the cracks and causing further damage to the road when it freezes. 

Beginning on December 20, 2013, the District 3 Barn will be closed until January 6, 2014.  That is unless an emergency occurs, such as snow and ice. Then a crew will be called out to sand intersections and bridges.  Otherwise it is a good time for them to use their accrued leave & comp time.

As the New Year approaches, we reflect back on some of our accomplishments over the past three years:

$1·        Completed S.W. Lee Blvd from Lawton City limits to County Road 115, a 5.5 mile project costing $6.5 million.

$1·        Redone or resurfaced 60.75 miles of District 3 roads funded by County Highways funds & FEMA.

$1·        Replaced 2 bridges and repaired 10, including working with the Comanche Nation Transportation Department to complete the bridge on S.W. Lee Blvd that crosses Post Oak Creek.

$1·        Striped 58 miles of roads.

$1·        Using non-highway funds added on 1,475 square foot office space at the District 3 barn replacing a trailer, which housed the District 3 offices.

$1·        Up graded equipment - adding 3 new motor graders, acquired 3 new 10-wheel Mack dump trucks, purchased additional low mileage trucks (10-wheel dump trucks and 3 semi trucks), a new John Deere back hoe and front-end loader. 

$1·        Also purchased a boom truck for trimming trees that hang over the road way, a new patch truck, upgraded our track hoe and a Graudall to clean out bar ditches around culverts. Applied for and received a grant to purchase a new wood chipper.

$1·        Worked with the Kiowa Nation Transportation Department to asphalt Miller Road from Meers-PorterHill Road to the Kiowa Mission Church.

$1·        Acquired funding for 112th Street between Old Cache Road and S.W. Lee Blvd.


The District 3 crew wants to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year.

If you have questions or concerns, I can be contacted at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or you may phone the Courthouse or County Barn & I will return your call.