Road and Bridge Report: District 3 (Nov. 2013)


We finally had our first fall freeze and have finished mowing ditches along graveled roads.  The growing season has been longer than normal and the weeds were tall.  Of course in Oklahoma, “What is normal weather?”   With the snow fall this past weekend, the County crew were busy sanding bridges & intersections.  In anticipation of icy winter weather, a crew has trimmed trees along tree lined roads and around bridges.

With cooler temperatures, this has ended our oil and chipping for this year. Our plans were to oil and chip the two miles of Stoney Point Road from State Highway 49 to Welch Road the week of October 25th, but two soft spots developed in the base of the first mile – one at Foxfire Road and one at Curtis Road.  We had to dig out the bad base, build it up and we finished the last mile from Tackle Box Road to State Highway 49 on Friday November 15.

Other roads we have oil and chipped since my last report are Lee Blvd. from Indiahoma Road to 157th Road and Red Elk Road from Cache Road to Lee Blvd.

We put a single oil and chip overlay on Gore Blvd. from Airport Road to Crater Creek Road, and on Bandy from Holsey Acres Road to New Cache Road.

We put asphalt millings on Stoney Point Road north of Meers-Porterhill Road and on Autumn Drive.

The crew cleaned out the bar ditches and added gravel to North Road west of State Highway 115.

We tore out a small bridge on Wolf Road, deteriorated beyond repair, and replace it with two six-foot culverts.  Also the stream bed was cleaned out and banks shaped to allow for better water flow.

Working with the City of Lawton on 112th Street, we have finished our part of Phase 1 that runs from Lee Blvd. north to the Railroad tracks. We have offered to help recycle the portion of Phase1 that goes east on Lee Blvd for .3 miles from the intersection.  We did so to speed up the project.  Lawton estimates that Phase 1 will be finished in late spring.

 Phase 2 of 112th Street runs from the railroad tracks north to old Cache Road and is currently in the engineering design stage.

A crew has been working in Pecan Valley South digging out bad spots in the road and building the base up with 1½ inch gravel in preparation for patching them later this month.

We worked with the Town of Faxon getting their streets shaped up by patching some and graveling others.

Road Forman Kenny Kinder and I have been working with Sunoco Logistics who will be putting in the proposed Granite Wash pipeline that will cross the south west part of the county.   Kenny has been sizing culverts, for roads going into their valve stations.

We purchased a used Gradall Hydraulic Excavator that will be used to clean out bar ditches around culverts and other places where finished dirt work is needed.

The County crew and I wish you and your families a happy & safe Thanksgiving. 

If you have questions or concerns, I can be contacted at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or you may phone the Courthouse or County Barn & I will return your call.