Road and Bridge Report: District 3 (August 2013)


The summer rains have been a welcome event, but they have caused us to be behind in the number of roads we had planned to oil and chip, as well as the mowing.  Also, we are one man short on our mowing crew.

The contractor did complete the widening of the narrow bridge on Four Mile Road just north of Tackle Box Road.  This will make this road safer.  There have been several fatalities at that bridge in recent years.

The crew oiled and chipped a mile on Post Oak Road between Bishop and Coombs roads, two miles of Crater Creek Road between Old Cache Road and Lee Blvd, and a mile of Paint Road between Gore and Lee Blvd. They have completed a portion of Tackle Box Road, and will finish it before moving on to Four Mile and Stoney Point roads.

We had the opportunity to put a two inch overlay on Deyo Mission Road between Lee Blvd and old Cache Road.  The county crew got the road ready to be asphalted by T & G Construction Co.  The project has been completed.

The construction of Phase 1 of the 112th Street project has begun.  Lawton is responsible for milling up the existing road surface and putting in the cross drains.  We are waiting on Lawton to put in the cross drains before we can do our part in preparing the road and shaping the drainage ditches.

Earlier in the year, we had applied to the Oklahoma Department of Transportation’s Revolving Fund for the purchase of 3 new 10-wheel dump trucks.  That was approved and on the first of August we took delivery on three 2014 Mack trucks.  This is a great addition to the District’s aging truck fleet.

The winds associated with the thunder storms have caused dead trees to blow down into the roadway.  In the day time, at night or on the weekends, no matter when it occurs the Road Forman and a crew goes out and removes the obstacles from the roads.  We try to identify potential problems before they fall, but with 625 miles of roads that we are responsible for that is hard to do.

We assisted the Fair Grounds in hauling the dirt into the Expo Building for the Grand National Horseman Association’s Play Day Finals.  Our guys also removed the dirt after the event was over.

With school starting, we helped Indiahoma Schools by removing old concrete bleachers from their baseball field and hauled in wood chips for the playground.

For Chattanooga Schools, we removed some concrete from their playgrounds and hauled some “Choctaw Mix” dirt to their ball field. We also recycled and graded 197th Street for the Town of Chattanooga.

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