Road and Bridge Report: District 1 June 2013 pt. 2)


Now that the weather is heating up, road crews can begin making good head way on the oil and chip process. This week, crews will focus on an area north on east Gore Boulevard.

The week will begin with oil and chip work on Gore and Cache, working east of trail road. Upon completion, crews will then move to 120th Street, north of Gore. Chipping will also be done on 180th Street and 240th Street. Townley will also be chipped this week.

Due to corn harvest this week, there will be roads in the area that are skipped, but we will come back to those. We cannot begin the oil and chip process with harvesters on the roads. The traffic would cause the newly fixed road to bleed, or seep oil back to the top. 

Thank you for your patience and please pay attention to signs and people on the roads.