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District 3: Road and Bridge Report (Dec. 2012)


It has been a busy but productive month for us as we get ready to end the year 2012. I believe we have accomplished a lot and look forward to 2013.

Our 10-wheel dump truck fleet has got some age on it, so we took bids for a good used one and received two good bids, so we decided to purchase both of them. Also, we applied for a revolving fund grant from ODOT and we received word this past week that we were granted $381,000 to buy three new 10-wheel dump trucks, which will be going out for bid soon. This will improve our dump-truck fleet.

Elk Creek Loop, off of Bishop Road had been partially chipped several years ago and had deteriorated beyond repair. The road crew dug out the soft spots and replaced it with 4-inch gravel to stabilize the base for the winter.

We were called upon to clear an area of play ground equipment at Cache Schools so the contractor could begin the new addition to the Intermediate building.

The hot temperatures of the summer have caused more roads to buckle, particularly on Cache Road. Forman Kenny Kinder had the guys take the Bomag recycler to grind off the high spots to make the road smoother.

An accident on the Rock Creek Bridge on Cache Road destroyed the guard rail. We completely replaced the south side guard rail and repainted it.

Every year an engineering company inspects our bridges to rate their structural integrity. There were 5 bridges out of the 135 in the Western District that require minor maintenance to prevent further deterioration.

The two summers of extreme drought has caused a number of trees to die in our right of ways. This creates a hazard if they were to fall on to a roadway. To make tree trimming saver, we purchased a bucket truck for them to use when they need to get to high places to do the work.

The crew spent a week in Pecan Valley South patching the bad spots in the roadways. The poor road construction by the developer and heavy garbage truck traffic has continually caused problems in that development.

The Indiahoma Public Schools requested that we add some gravel and smooth out one of their parking areas. Also, we hauled a fire truck that was no longer used by the Indiahoma Fire Department to the State Forestry Department at Goldsby, OK.

Construction has begun on a bridge to replace the low water crossing on Post Oak Creek on S.W. Lee Blvd. The project has been in the planning stage for several years and is funded by the Comanche Nation Transportation Department. The County’s role is to clear the right of way and install a new fence prior to the start of construction.

We replaced the wooden bridge on Lee Blvd. east of 267th Road. We used a recycled railroad tank car with wheels removed and the ends cut out. Other counties have successfully used them and they cost less than building a bridge and are faster to install. This bridge was one of the few remaining wooden bridges in our District.  

Lee Blvd Status: The first 4 miles of the project is almost completed except for some ditch work and striping. The mile will be completed by the end of the month.

The County barn will be closed December 20th through January 3rd.  I can always be reached at the web site below, or by calling my office at the courthouse at 353-3717. If there is an emergency safety issue on a roadway call 429-3217, and it will forward the call to Kenny’s cell phone

On behalf of Road Foreman Kenny Kinder, the employees of Comanche County Western District 3 and myself we want to wish each of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

You can access this report monthly on the county web site as well as the County Times. The official web site www.comanchecounty.us is maintained by the Comanche County Public Information Office. You can contact me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with any questions or concerns.