District 1: Road and Bridge Report (June 2012 pt. 3)


The weather has made our road crews job more difficult, as they have had to maintain roads rather than progress on them. But, the rain has been a good thing for many people in this county.

This week, the crews will be working on 90th Street and Baseline Road, as well as Baseline Road and Flower Mound Road (working north one mile on Flower Mound).

Work on the roads began with priming earlier in the week, before moving on to the oil-and-chip process later in the week.

Please exercise caution on these roads and be aware of "Fresh Oil" signs. Our preferred speed limit, both for your safety and the roads themselves, is 15 mph.

Happy 4th of July!

With July 4th coming up next week, many people have been asking about the possibility of a burn ban. Curretly, the county does not meet the criteria to enter a burn ban, but that does not mean the conditions are not condusive to fires. There are a number of extremely dry areas, so please exercise caution while setting off your fireworks. Launch the fireworks from a pit or a piece of wood. Try to avoid setting off the fireworks in grassy areas. Also, have water ready just in case.

Work on the county roads will resume following the holiday week. As always, thank you for your patience as we continue to work on county roads.