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District 1: Road and Bridge Report (June 2012)


Well I hope everyone made it through the severe weather with minimal damage.

The severe weather has made it difficult to move forward with the road crews progression; however, we need the rain. To combat the weather and get back ahead of our goals, road crews will begin recycling roads in the district to be sure the roads are ready for the oil-adn-chip process when the weather permits.

Crews will be working on south 60th Street, working east and west on Coombs, Woodlawn and Tinney Roads. The crew will also be recycling a one-mile stretch on Flower Mound (heading south to Baseline), a stretch of Baseline Road (from Flower Mound to 75th Street), 75th Street (three miles south of Baseline), as well as a two-mile stretch of Devine Road by Geronimo.

The rain will ruin a road with oil on it, so by recycling during the rainy weather we can keep active and continue to make headway on the road projects. Thank you for your patience.

Keep checking for more updates.