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District 3: Road and Bridge Report (May 2012)


As reported last month, after we finished resurfacing Big Bow Road, we had planned to continue work across the southern part of the District. But as with all well laid plans, one must be flexible and sometimes change.  The road crew had to be moved north to finish work on the FEMA funded roads in the northern part of the District. As soon as we possibly can, the crew will move back south to continue the work being done there.

The second layer of oil and chips was applied to Miller Road between Meers-Porter Hill Road and Shroyer Road.  The road crew put a double layer of oil and chips on Chibitty Road bewteen Tackle Box Road and Welch Road and McIntosh Rd ½ mile east and ½ mile west of Stoney Point Road. Stoney Point Road between Meers-Porter Hill Road and McIntosh Road will be finished this week.

The parking lot at the Emergency Operation Center, located on the Great Plains Area Vocational Technical School Campus, is being expanded.  Our District is working with District One on this project. Our part is the dirt work on the parking lot and the catchment pond.

We received a tip about an individual who may have been defacing our road signs.  The name was turned over to the Comanche County Sheriff’s Department.  When entered into the law enforcement data base the return showed the individual had two felony arrest warrants in another county.   As of the last report, the person had been arrested and incarcerated in the other county’s jail.

Hot weather has arrived and the mowing crews continue to keep the rights of ways mowed for both safety and aesthetics.  However, not all rights of ways can be mowed because of the shape of their ditches. I would ask everyone to watch for these workers and slow down. Please do this for the safety of our county workers as well as yourself.  Safety is of the utmost importance.

Early spring rains brought on tall grass and weeds.  Now we are having strong winds and heat causing our county roads ways to be looking tinder dry.  I would caution everyone -- welding, cooking out or whatever activity you may be having – to be especially watchful and careful with fire.  No one wants a repeat of last year’s fire season.

Regarding 112th Street: As a result of our meeting with the Oklahoma Department of Transportation, the requested follow up letter and engineering estimate were sent May 14, 2012 in time to be placed on the Transportation Commission’s June 4 agenda. There is a possibility that there could be some funds left in the fiscal year’s Industrial Assess fund account which could be applied to the 112th street project.  We are looking forward to hearing about this and will keep you informed.

Lee Blvd Status: The construction bid was awarded by ODOT on May 7, 2012 to APAC-Oklahoma of Snyder, OK. Construction should begin around the first of August.

You can access this report monthly on the county web site as well as the County Times. The official web site www.comanchecounty.us is maintained by the Comanche County Public Information Office. You can contact me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with any questions or concerns.