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District 3: Road & Bridge Report (Oct 2011)


The good rain we received this month put enough moisture down to allow us to start grading some of the roads and bringing them back into shape for the winter.

As I mentioned before, the extremely hot summer has been hard on all of our roads, especially the graveled ones.  It has caused the clay that binds the road together to break down and the traffic then blows it off of the road leaving the exposed rocks and allowing the loose rocks to form washboards.

Lately, the county has had a rash of road signs stolen.  This prompted the Board of County Commissioners to establish a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone stealing signs. Besides the cost of replacement, stealing road signs, particularly stop or warning signs, can create a dangerous condition.  The number to report the information is 580.429.3217.

030This month we finished oil and chipping Deyo Mission Road, from Coombs Road to Baseline Road.

We are trying to finish roads that were planned to be redone this summer under FEMA projects.  Earlier, the culverts were cleaned out on Paint Road and the old surface was torn up using the Bomag Recycler.  This month, a single layer of oil and chips was put down from Gore Boulevard, north to the railroad tracks.  Next year, another layer of oil and chips will be added and the second layer will be extended on to Cache Road.

We have moved our equipment north of the mountains and have been stockpiling gravel at the Paradise Valley Fire Station to finish Miller, Chibbity and McIntosh roads, which are also part of this year’s FEMA projects.

We are planning to put at least one layer of oil and chips on the rest of the roads we have recycled and reshaped.  The problem we are facing is the cool temperatures at night.  The night-time low temperature has to be above 50 degrees so the oil will bind to the road surface.

057Road Foreman Kenny Kinder and I met with Cache City Councilman Steve Red Elk, City Clerk Rhoda Thomas and Ronnie Carter to work on an agreement to redo some of the city’s roads.  We started on 1st Street, using the Bomag Recycler, and have shaped and packed the road surface.  Later this fall, we will redo Elm, Oak and Walnut streets.  When the weather warms up again, we will seal them and put down two layers of oil and chips.

We repaired a wing wall that had deteriorated throughout the years on a bridge on 112th Street, between Coombs Road and Pecan Road.  We also repaired the bridge on Baseline, over Cache Creek, where high water in years past washed out a large hole near the base on the west side.

A number of complaints were received from the folks who live on Pecan Road, west of Sheridan Road, about having a large number of flat tires.  A six foot long magnet was hung on a pickup truck bumper and the road was driven between 67th and Sheridan Road, which is one of the main routes to the Lawton city dump.   We were surprised at the amount of metal which was picked up.  Later when it was graded, the magnet was hung from the back of the grader.  A total of a ½ gallon of metal was picked up from both trips over the road.  Hopefully this will reduce the number of flat tires.

After oiling and chipping White Tail Drive, the residents hosted an appreciation lunch for the District 3 folks.  Erick Scott and Rob Guest delivered a full spread of ribs and all the trimmings.  Roy did an outstanding job barbequing the ribs.

The men and women of District 3 are a team of professionals who are dedicated and committed to doing a service for the citizens of our county.  I am proud to be associated with them.

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