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District 3: Road & Bridge Report (June 2011)


The May rains were welcomed and have allowed us to start grading roads. The grader operators have started working their assigned areas, beginning with roads most traveled.  There was some flooding in the Chattanooga area, which required some additional road material to repair damage caused by water running over the road. The heavy rains also gave us an opportunity to see which tinhorns needed to be cleaned out.  Of course, with rain comes the grass and we have also started mowing.

As part of the FEMA project, we have started the “redo” of Big Bow Rd, from Old Cache Rd to a half-mile south of Coombs Rd, as well as Chibitty Rd, from Tackle Box Rd north to McIntosh Rd.  We have scarified the old blacktop to work it into the base, reshaped the bar ditches and replaced some of the old tinhorns that were damaged.  We have also put in new tinhorns for the landowners who wanted to purchase them.  These roads were topped off with a layer of 1 ½” gravel to prevent it from getting slick when it rains.  As I said last month, this material will become part of the base when we chip-and-seal it later this summer.

We have started reconstruction on Indiahoma Rd, from new Highway 62 to old Cache Rd (Show Place Blvd).  The north half, from the new highway to the railroad tracks, will be completed first and then the south half, from the railroad tracks to Show Place.  As with the other reconstructions, the barrow ditches will be worked and shaped, the old blacktop broken up and worked into the base.  After that the base will be shaped, packed and finished off with a layer of 1 1/2” gravel.  We will let this set for awhile to allow traffic, and hopefully more rain, to determine if there are any weak spots in the base before the road is chipped and sealed.

We recently had an opportunity to purchase a new patch truck.  It does a much better job of patching the pot holes than doing it by hand.  One operator, without leaving the cab, can blow the dust out of the hole, spray hot oil in it, and fill it with alternating layers of oil and gravel until the hole is filled.  Manuel Copeland is the skilled operator of this machine.

We sent three dump trucks & drivers to Indiahoma and they spent three days helping with their annual cleanup program.  The county provided the trucks and the drivers, and the city paid for the dumping at the landfill.

Road Foremen Kenny Kinder and I met with the mayors from the small towns in our District to discuss their street problems and needs, as well as other concerns.  It was a productive meeting, and we received positive feedback from those who attended.  We agreed that in the future we would meet periodically.  The mayors who attended were Bart Reed (Faxon), Daryl Perry (Indiahoma), Phil Humble (Chattanooga) and Dwight Cope (Medicine Park).

Lee Blvd status

Smith-Roberts Land Services, Inc. has been hired to make the right-of-way acquisitions for the County. They have sent a letter to the owners from whom additional right-of-way is needed.  They have 90 days to complete this phase of the project and after that will be moving to the utilities phase.  We are still aiming for the first part of 2012 to start road construction.

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