District 3: Road & Bridge Report (Apr 2011)


While running for office, I said that I wanted to be transparent and one of the ideas was to publish a monthly road and bridge report.  In keeping with that commitment here is the first one.

We received a bridge inspection report from an engineering company on our bridges.  All passed inspection; however, we did do some minor maintenance on three.  Blue Canyon and 7 Sisters bridges are on the Meers-Porter Hill Road, and the other bridge is on the Comanche-Caddo Line Rd. These structures were sound, but the problem was scouring on the downstream side and was fixed by filling it with large rocks.  (An item of interest, the 7 Sisters Bridge was built in 1915, which is a testament to our forefathers engineering skills.)

We have been working with the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) and Oklahoma  Emergency Management Agency to get funding for some of our roads that were damaged in the February 2009 Ice Storm. The goal is to bring those roads up to the condition they were in before the storm.

As a part of that program, the old black top was scarified and material combined to add to the base, where needed, barrow ditches have been cleaned to allow better drainage, and roads reshaped in preparation to be resurfaced with 2 layers of chip and seal.  The road was topped with a layer of 1 ½ rock in case it rains.  This material will become part of the base when resurfacing begins.  To date, the roads being worked on are:  Miller Rd from Meers-Porter Hill Rd to Shroyer Rd, McIntosh Rd from Madische Rd to Stoney Point RD, 67th Street from Coombs Rd to Woodlawn Rd, 67th Street from Tinney Rd to BaseLine Rd, Gore Rd from Post Oak Rd to Timber Lane Rd, Big Bow Rd from Holsey Acres Rd to Coombs Rd, and also not a part of the FEMA project, Deyo Mission Rd from Tinney Rd to Baseline Rd.

These roads will be left for a period of time to allow traffic and rain on them to determine if there are any weak spots in the base which will allow it to be fixed before the final resurfacing.

Also, as part of the FEMA rock recovery, we have graveled about 20 miles of gravel roads.

Lee Blvd status: the title searches have been completed to determine right of way ownerships and now we have a company acquiring the right of way where needed.  This should take about 90 days.  The next phase is moving the utilities, and Cobb Engineering has that responsibility and is working with those folks to have plans in place to start that phase as soon as the right of way is acquired.  The utility phase should take 120 days.  We expect road construction to begin in early spring of 2012.

Foreman, Kenny Kinder and some of the guys were involved in fighting the wildfires on April 15th.  The fire that started at Old Cache Rd and spread southward across Deyo Mission Rd and Lee Blvd, Arnold Dale Fischer, Dennis Long, Wayne Cassel, and Flint Runyan were on graders cutting fire breaks, and Kenny, Duffy Daugherty and I took turns manning our 8,500 gallon water tanker to refill the fire trucks.  On the same day Bobby Bay was working the fire in his grader near Four Mile Rd.

I believe Kenny and the guys are doing a great job and I am very proud of these professionals.

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