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nixleComanche County and City of Lawton officials recognize technology must be utilized by our emergency service agencies in order to keep citizens informed. Our citizens utilize technology- they are already online and on-phone and they want to know what’s happening. Now we can inform them directly on their phone within seconds via Nixle.

Nixle gives emergency management a SECURE, easy-to-use, and cost effective system to share emergency information with residents about the neighborhoods where they work, live, and visit. Citizens are inundated with information from a variety of sources (traditional media, the internet, social networking sites, etc.)- but quantity of information does not mean quality of information.

We want communications with our citizens to be timely, effective, and trusted!


  • Agencies can send information on multiple platforms (text message, e-mail, web), filling a critical emergency notification need.
  • Residents register by providing their address or an intersection near them, a cell phone number and an email address by which to receive notifications from official agencies. Citizens then choose which messages they receive on which devices. It’s information they know they can TRUST.
  • Messages can be transmitted anywhere in a radius from .25-miles to 10 miles, allowing neighborhood-level, time-sensitive information to be sent only to affected citizens.
  • Nixle is FREE to Gov’t and FREE to residents who access the notifications by e-mail and online at www.nixle.com. Information received via SMS/text message is received as part of their text messaging plan


  • Nixle is a secure and authenticated system.
  • Collected information is NOT sold to third parties nor used for marketing purposes. There is NO advertising associated with Nixle.
  • Nixle has been used around the country to help find missing seniors, weather warnings, evacuate specific areas and capture dangerous criminals shortly after a crime has happened.