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Updated: March 17, 2020 at 11:30am

Updated: March 17, 2020 at 2:00pm



Comanche County Courthouse Requests Visitors Conduct Business Through Alternative Means


Lawton, OK:  The Comanche County Courthouse and its offices will remain open at their normal operating hours until further notice. In order to minimize foot traffic and prevent the spread of infectious disease, we ask that the public conduct their business with the county either by telephone or over email. While our offices are still open for in-person visits, we ask that you either come alone or only bring with you those people who are essential to completing your business with the County.

Our housekeeping and maintenance staff are being diligent in their cleaning and sanitation of the Courthouse. This process is continual, and we are using recommended cleaning products to ensure surfaces remain contaminant free.

Below are statements and requests from individual offices. We recommend you read their statement before visiting the Courthouse and follow any guidance they provide.


Assessor’s Office – Grant Edwards

All of the forms our office provides or requires can be downloaded and filled out online at: http://comanchecounty.us/index.php/government/assessor. This is also where you may download the Informal Protest form. The filing period for Informal Protest ends April 6th.

You may also file your Farm Permit Renewal online at: https://oktap.tax.ok.gov/oktap/Web.

If you have any questions, we encourage you to call our office at 580-355-1052. We also ask that, if at all possible, you call us to conduct your business instead of visiting our office.


County Clerk’s Office – Carrie Tubbs

The Comanche County Clerk’s Office is doing everything possible to best protect our customers and employees while continuing to provide services and fulfill our duties. Since it is proven that social distancing can decrease the chance of spreading the Coronavirus, we request that you transact your business with our office via internet, telephone, or email, if at all possible. Listed below are alternative methods of transacting business with our office; if you have any questions on how to use these methods, please give us a call. We are more than happy to help our customers conduct their business without needing to risk their health and the health of others by coming into our office.

Telephone:                               580-355-5214

Email:                                      This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Website:                                  www.comanchecounty.us

Land Records (copies):              https://okcountyrecords.com/

E-file Land Records:                  https://simplifile.com/


Court Clerk’s Office – Robert Morales

We understand that people often like to be accompanied to the Court Clerk’s Office to pay their fines or conduct other business. We ask that only necessary person come to our office to conduct business.

Certain fines are payable online at: https://pay.oscn.net/epayments/. You may also pay fines via mail, you can find instructions here: http://comanchecounty.us/index.php/payments.

Courthouse marriages have been suspended for the next 30 days; however, you may still obtain marriage licenses from the Small Claims Office at the Courthouse.

Passport processing has been suspended until further notice, you will not be able to apply or receive a passport from our office at this time.

The Oklahoma Supreme Court issued a joint order regarding court cases, courtrooms, and other judiciary business. Please refer to their joint order for details: https://www.oscn.net/news/2003161604/scad-no-202024


Detention Center - Bill Hobbs

The Comanche County Detention Center (CCDC) is committed to ensuring the health and safety of all inmates, staff, and visitors. Due to the situation with COVID-19 and CDC guidelines on social distancing, CCDC has suspended all visitation until further notice. We realize this will cause a lot of hardship for friends and family, and it was not a decision made lightly. We will review the suspension weekly and decide whether local conditions have stabilized to a point where it is safe to resume visitation.

Questions and concerns may be made to Lieutenant Walls at 580-250-1902 ext. 108.

CCDC has also suspended all fingerprinting until further notice.

Person brought to CCDC by arresting agencies will immediately have their temperatures checked; if their temperature is over 100 degrees, they will be given a surgical mask and not allowed into the general population until additional testing by our medical staff is completed.


Election Board – Amy Sims

Voters can access many tools, documents, and forms online at ok.gov/elections. You can:

- Download the Voter Registration Form and fill it out online or at home, then mail the registration in (instructions on form).

- View sample ballots and find your polling place using the OK Voter Portal (if you are already registered to vote).

- Apply for an absentee ballot. This can be submitted online, or you can download the form and mail the request in.

Early voting for the April Board of Education and Special Elections will continue as planned, with early voting starting April 2nd & 3rd at the Comanche County Courthouse from 8:00am until 6:00pm.

If you have any questions, please call our office at 580-353-1880 and we will be happy to answer your questions over the phone.


Juvenile Bureau – Brenda Myers

We ask that parents, legal guardians, and adoptive parents who visit our office encourage additional family members to remain home. If at all possible, please just bring yourselves and your child.


Treasurer’s Office – Rhonda Brantley

We understand that it is still tax season, and many people are still paying the second half of their 2019 property taxes. We ask that customers pay online or by mail this year, instead of in-person. We will still take payments in-person, but we would like to practice social distancing as much as possible. All payments are due by March 31st, mailed payments must be post marked by March 31st. Listed below is the information for paying online or by mail:


You can visit our online payment portal at: https://tmconsulting.us.com . Simply click on Comanche County, then the “View Tax Info/Pay Online” button.

By Mail

You may send cash or a personal check/cashier’s check/money order made payable to “Comanche County Treasurer’s Office”, along with a copy of your tax statement, to:


Comanche County Treasurer’s Office
315 SW 5th Street
Suite 300
Lawton, OK 73501


If you have any questions or have other business to conduct, we are more than happy to assist you over the phone or via email:

Telephone:                   580-355-5763

Email:                          This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it