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Trail Road overhaul complete


Repairs to Trail Road are complete — and the construction signs are finally coming down today.

Eastern District Comanche County Commissioner Gail Turner said the repairs to an important north-south artery in his district could not have been made without the financial assistance of the Comanche Nation, which paid for the approximately $1.34 million paving project.

Turner said the county began discussing a partnership on the Trail Road project with the Comanches about five years ago.

The county began its portion of the work in March 2011, when it began ripping out the old road surface. Bureaucratic delays because of procedural changes at the Bureau of Indian Affairs held up the project since summer.

The project was also delayed because county workers discovered the base of the road was a mix of asphalt and sand put down in the 1960s, Turner said. The base had weakened and was acting like a sponge, absorbing water.

The mixture was about 18 inches deep and Turner said the county had to remove all of it, to ensure the road would be stable after it was fixed.

Turner said 7.3 miles of Trail Road were paved and the entire road is open to traffic.

Trail Road is an extremely important route between Lawton and the Elgin, Fletcher and Sterling area, Turner said.

He estimated daily traffic on Trail Road to be about 1,000 vehicles.


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