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Robert Morales

Court Clerk
Term: Jan 2012 - Dec 2016

315 SW 5th St
Suite 504
Lawton, OK 73501

580-581-4565  (Civil Office)

580-250-5093  (Small Claims Office)

580-355-4017  (Criminal Office)



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The Comanche County Court Clerk's office is under the direction of Court Clerk Robert Morales. This office's primary responsibility is to record, file and maintain, as permanent records, the proceedings of the district court in Comanche County.

Pursuant to the Oklahoma State Statutes, the Court Clerk as an elected official, is charged with maintaining the integrity of all County District Court cases. These cases are filed in their respective departments in the main offices of the Court Clerk in the County Courthouse. The Court Clerk also provides personnel for District, Associate and Special Judges, maintains statistics regarding the filing and disposition of all cases, and collects statutory fines, fees and forfeitures. A portion of all fines, fees and forfeitures collected by the clerk is the source of revenue for which the office and the courts are budgeted to operate. Some expenditures include: jurors and witness fees, public defender salaries, transcript purchases, printing of forms, postage, utilities, courtroom maintenance, furniture, equipment and general supplies. The balance of monies collected are sent to the State Judicial Fund for the operation of District Courts throughout the State.

There are 23 deputies working throughout 3 different offices located within the Comanche County Courthouse.

Listed below are the locations of each office, contact information and services the office provides, but is not limited to.

Civil Office
2nd Floor / Room 207
Civil - Over $6,000

Emergency Protective Orders

Small Claims Office
2nd Floor / Room 205
Small Claims - Under $6,000
Marriage License

Juvenile Adoption
Beverage License
Process Server License
Minister's Credentials
Transit Merchant License

Criminal Office
5th Floor / Room 504
Traffic (tickets given by Oklahoma Highway Patrol or Comanche County Sheriff's Department)
Cost Administrators
Wildlife Violations

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