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Duties of the Court Clerk


This office's primary responsibility is to record, file and maintain as permanent records the proceedings of the district court in Comanche County.

Pursuant to the Oklahoma State Statutes, the Court Clerk, as an elected official, is charged with maintaining the integrity of all County District Court cases. These cases are filed in their respective departments in the main offices of the Court Clerk in the County Courthouse. The Court Clerk also maintains statistics regarding the filing and disposition of all cases, and collects statutory fines, fees and forfeitures. A portion of all fines, fees and forfeitures collected by the Clerk is the source of revenue for which the office and the Courts are budgeted to operate. Some expenditures include: jurors and witness fees, Public Defender salaries, transcript purchases, printing of forms, postage, utilities, courtroom maintenance, furniture, equipment and general supplies.

The Court Clerk's budget is funded from two seperate sources; State (administrative office of the courts) & County (general fund).

Court Clerk appointed deputies work with different divisions of the court.

1. Civil (over $6,000) - damages, equity, writs (court orders) and civil cases, injunctions and garnishments

2. Criminal - process felony and misdemeanor cases and issue warrants on same if needed, process traffic and wildlife violations

3. Confidential cases and other judicial determination cases

4. Juvenile cases - ALL matters of children cases

5. Domestic Relations - divorce, separations, annulments, emergency protective orders, income assignments and paternity cases

6. Small Claims - cases involving claims for damages under $6,000, including garnishments, recovery of personal property and recovery of money based on contract

7. Process Passports - receive and process passport applications for citizens

8. Licensing - issuance of and filing Marriage License, minister's credentials, beverage license (new, renewal and special events), process servers license (new, renewal, county and state wide), transient merchant license

9. Scheduling - court dockets, both criminal and civil, motions dockets and scheduling jury duty

10. Payments (Cost Administrators) - collection of courts costs/fines and schedule payment plans

As means of identifying a court proceeding, the Court Clerk is required to maintain various journals, such as appearance dockets and continuous entries of the cases ALL court proceedings are public information except matters related to juvenile, guardianship, adoption and mental health

Fees for licenses and payments for court costs are paid to the court clerk. These payments are properly recorded and deposited by the court clerk into the court fund. Monies from court fund are identified for distribution by the court clerk in accordance with the state law to appropriate units of county and state

The Court Clerk is mainly accountable to the administrative office of the courts, a unit of the Oklahoma Supreme Court. For state uniformity, every court clerk uses forms and follows procedures prescribed by the Court Clerk Administrator's Office, the Supreme Court and State Auditor and State Inspector