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Employee of the Month

June 2013 Employee of the Month


What better person to usher in the rebirth of the Comanche County Employee of the Month than Mr. Matthew Mucker. Mr. Mucker has been a model county employee for more than 16 years, working in the Comanche County Courthouse. Congratualtions Mr. Mucker!

 Mr. Mucker


December 2011 Employees of the Month


EOMsWhen dealing with a raging grass fire, most people turn and run.  Temperatures reach around 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit and smoke becomes so thick you lose all sense of direction.  Very few are brave enough to be a firefighter, whose job is to run into the smelting blaze in order to save lives and property.  But firefighters have bunker gear and tons of water carried on a quick moving brush truck to assist them in extinguishing the unpredictable demon.

Who would be brave enough to climb onboard a piece of heavy machinery, much slower than a brush truck, with no bunker gear or water to put on the flames, and head off into the smoke-consumed countryside?......

Your District 1 and 3 grader operators!



Nov 2011 Employee of the Month - Ruth Anne Herring


The November 2011 Comanche County Employee of the Month has been an employee of the Assessor’s Office for 6 years, but has taken her responsibilities to a new level over the past 6 months. Her efforts have been instrumental to the County and its taxpayers.

This Employee of the Month performs field assessments of properties and uses sales comps, to determine property values using specific appraisal techniques.  Ruth Anne Herring has performed well in the area of field assessment.  She has been required to take numerous classes in a very short period of time to learn the position, and did exceptionally well.



October Employee of the Month - LYNN BENTLEY


LYNN_BENTLEY_OCT_2011The October 2011 Comanche County Employee of the Month has been an employee of the County Clerk’s Office for 23 years.  Besides being absolutely wonderful at her job, she always wears a smile and continuously strives to make the County’s purchasing office more efficient and customer friendly.

Lynn Bentley is a grand example of the term - ”Employee of the Month”.  In addition to fulfilling her job responsibilities, she makes a stern effort to make her office a better workplace by finding ways to promote others, baking their favorite dish or by simply speaking with them. She has definitely made the Purchasing Office, as well as the County Clerk’s Office, a more pleasant place.



Sept 2011 Employee of the Month - DONNA HOWELL


The September 2011 Comanche County Employee of the Month has been an employee of the County Clerk’s Office for over 21 years.  She always arrives to work early and is willing to help anyone while wearing a contagious smile which rubs off on others.

Donna Howell began working in the County Clerk’s Office in March of 1990.  As 1st Deputy of the office, her main responsibility is to manage the real estate department.  But upon visiting the office, there is no telling what you may find her handling.


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