Road and Bridge Report: District 1 (Feb. 2013 Pt. 2)


Roads crews will begin the week working on 82nd Street, heading west. Later in the week, crews will shift their efforts south, working towards New Hope Road. 

Please pay attention to road signs and be cautious around road crews. 

Thank you for your patience as continue to improve driving conditions. 


Road and Bridge Report: District 1 (Feb. 2013 Pt. 1)


Comanche County District 1 road crews will be working south of Oklahoma 36 this week, focusing on a two-mile stretch of Sheridan Road, aswell as a stretch of 82nd Street. As a result, both roads will be closed this week through the beginning of next week.

On Sheridan, crews will be working to extend the road, while 82nd street is having tinhorns replaced to help level the road and maintain flood control.

Additional road work will take place on Landmark Road and New Hope Road. Crews will be recycling the road at Landmark Estates, as well as a stretch between 67th Street and 82nd Street.

Please plan to take alternative routes and pay close attention to road signs and crew workers. As always, thank you for your patience as we work to improve road conditions for our citizens.



District 1: Road and Bridge Report (Jan. 2013 Pt. 3)


Last week, road crews completed work on 240th Street, south of Oklahoma 17, and have now moved into a one-mile stretch of road north of the highway. We ask the citizens please be aware of the work and do their best to avoid the area, or if not possible, please follow the signs to ensure the safety of workers and drivers.

We apologize for any problems and appreciate your patience with us as we continue to improve the roads in the area. All worked roads will be reoiled and chipped this summer.


DIstrict 3: Road and Bridge Report (Jan 2013)


The holidays started off with a snow and freezing rain. We had a crew out on Christmas day and the day after sanding bridges and intersections.

We have had a rash of stolen signs again. All the road signs along Wolf Road were taken and a number of stop signs were painted with graffiti. As I have stated before, the money we have to spend on replacing signs is taken away from dollars we could have used for road improvements. But the most important aspect of this problem is public safety issues.

If you have information regarding the person or persons involved in this, please call 580-429-3217 or the Comanche County Sheriff’s Department at 580-351-4280. The Board of County Commissioners has approved a reward for information and/or evidence leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone stealing or defacing county road signs. People convicted of stealing or vandalizing county property can be ordered by the court to pay the county for the cost of any rewards granted concerning the defendant’s case.



District 1: Road and Bridge Report (Jan 2013 Pt. 2)


Road crews will be working on 240th Street, on a stretch one mile south of Oklahoma 17, workinng north towards the highway.

Please watch for road crews and signs to control traffic. We apologize for any problems and appreciate your patience as we continue to improve roads within the district.

The roads will be reoiled and chipped this summer as weather continues to warm up. 


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