Nov 2011 Employee of the Month - Ruth Anne Herring


The November 2011 Comanche County Employee of the Month has been an employee of the Assessor’s Office for 6 years, but has taken her responsibilities to a new level over the past 6 months. Her efforts have been instrumental to the County and its taxpayers.

This Employee of the Month performs field assessments of properties and uses sales comps, to determine property values using specific appraisal techniques.  Ruth Anne Herring has performed well in the area of field assessment.  She has been required to take numerous classes in a very short period of time to learn the position, and did exceptionally well.

Ruth has completed most of the prerequisites to become a licenses appraiser in the State of Oklahoma and there is no doubt she is exceptionally knowledgeable in the area of deeds transcription.  She is highly motivated in all of her assignments and very aggressive.

The Comanche County Board of Commissioners is proud to announce the November 2011 Employee of the Month, Ruth Anne Herring.