October Employee of the Month - LYNN BENTLEY


LYNN_BENTLEY_OCT_2011The October 2011 Comanche County Employee of the Month has been an employee of the County Clerk’s Office for 23 years.  Besides being absolutely wonderful at her job, she always wears a smile and continuously strives to make the County’s purchasing office more efficient and customer friendly.

Lynn Bentley is a grand example of the term - ”Employee of the Month”.  In addition to fulfilling her job responsibilities, she makes a stern effort to make her office a better workplace by finding ways to promote others, baking their favorite dish or by simply speaking with them. She has definitely made the Purchasing Office, as well as the County Clerk’s Office, a more pleasant place.

A co-worker stated, “Even in those very stressful and difficult times when bids are being sent or received, Lynn somehow finds a way to continue pressing on without the slightest sign of stress. She is kind-hearted and a very strong Christian. Even though she is an Okie, she has a heart the size of Texas!”

The Comanche County Board of Commissioners is proud to announce the October 2011 Employee of the Month, Lynn Bentley.

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