Moose loose at new courthouse cafe


There’s a moose on the loose in the Comanche County Courthouse.  

Legally Lu Lu’s, the Alaskan-themed coffee, bagel and burger shop opened its doors Friday, March 1 in the courthouse basement. Legally Lulu’s is a branch of Lu Lu’s Coffee and Bagels on NW Cache Road.  

However, Legally Lu Lu’s offers a wider variety of food for hungry courthouse patrons, in addition to Lu Lu’s usual selection of gourmet coffee drinks and bagel sandwiches.

Clarissa Hall, manager for Legally Lu Lu’s, said she started working at the Cache Road location in September, but has always worked in customer service-related jobs, which is perfect for the new restaurant in the courthouse.  

“At this location, we have a lot more interaction with the customers,” she said. “People come in and sit down and talk.”  

The menu at Legally Lu Lu’s includes a wide array of flavored coffee beverages, including the Caribou Caramel Latte, the Polar Bear White Mocha Latte, and many other options with a variety of both regular and sugar-free flavor shots available.  

Lu Lu’s also serves iced coffees and frappucinos, Red Bull energy drink smoothies, flavored teas and lemonade, in addition to all the standard soft drinks available at most restaurants.  

Lu Lu’s offers a selection of bagels that can be ordered by themselves, or as sandwiches built to order with different meats, cheeses, veggies and eggs.  

The burgers are also custom-made.  

“If we have it, we’ll put it in for you,” Hall said.  

The cafe is watched over by Lu Lu’s trademark moose, in the form of a moose head on the wall. For the time being, it is a moose with no name.  

However, Hall has invited the public to visit Lu Lu’s in person and on Facebook to suggest names for the mascot.  

Lu Lu’s is open weekdays from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Burgers are served starting at 10:30 a.m.  

Lu Lu’s takes call-in orders, and accepts debit and credit cards.  

Hall said a third Lu Lu’s will be opening soon on Fort Sill at the Post Exchange.