Road and Bridge Report: District 3 (March 2013)


The rains this month have allowed us to grade most of the graveled roads.  The slow soaking rains caused a number of roads around the district to become slippery and will require some additional gravel as we go into a “hopefully” rainy spring.

Between the rains, several roads in the Saddle Mountain area were graveled and the roads in Wichita Mountains Estates patched.

We have had a number of requests to stripe some of our major roads. We have gone out for bids to stripe about 50 miles of roads and the company that was awarded the bid is waiting for a week that will have temperatures consistently over 50 degrees to begin their work.

The road crew has used the Bomag recycler on Paint Road between Lee Blvd and Gore, and Deyo Mission Road north of the intersection of Lee Blvd.  We also plan to redo the section of Crater Creek Road north of the Lee Blvd intersection.  Paint and Crater Creek Roads will be oiled and chipped as soon as the weather is consistently warm enough.  Deyo Mission Road from Lee Blvd to Cache Road will be asphalted.

The railroad crossing on Deyo Mission Road has deteriorated to the point it is hazardous and has been a concern to us for some time. Also, we have received a number of complaints about it.  After several calls to the Stillwater Railroad Company, they have agreed to fix it.

A fence line on Hwy. 287 Road south of Wolf Road was burned in last year’s fire and before the landowner put his fence up, we cleaned out the fence line and bar ditches to improve the water drainage.

Dirt, trees and other debris was cleaned out from the Bridge on Baseline Road between Airport Road and the Cache Creek Bridge.  This will allow better flow of water through the bridge when it rains.

The bridge crew repaired the wing wall on the bridge on Paint Road just north of Jennings Road in the south part of the District.

At the request of the school districts, we provided road and parking lot repair at Cache Schools near the elementary building and the parking lot near the football concession stand, and at the Chattanooga School parking lot near the baseball field.

The cooperative agreement for 112th Street between Lawton and the County has been approved by the Board of County Commissioners and the Lawton City Council.  The engineering company has completed the survey of the road and is working on the design for Phase 1 which will take several months. The first phase starts at the railroad crossing and goes to Lee and east on Lee to where the four-lanes start.

Lee Blvd Status:  The rains have slowed the completion of the Lee Blvd project.  They still need to do ditch work on the last mile and finish putting down the sod.  One of the Sheriff’s deputies caught two juveniles in a vehicle tearing up the sod at Lee Blvd and Deyo Mission Road intersection.  The two will be charged with destroying county property and will have to pay restitution for the damages they caused.

Several people have asked about putting the white outside stripes on Lee Blvd.  The plans did not call for the white stripes; therefore they were not included in the bid and would cost us extra to have them painted.  If they were painted, the four-foot shoulders would be taken out of the lane making the lanes narrower and I believe the road is safer having a wider lane in which to drive. 

Some people have moved “Road Closed” signs off of Lee Blvd.  The signs are up for a reason that is for the safety of the workers.  If a person moves those or any traffic sign and there is a death as a result of it that person can be charged with manslaughter.

The District continues to have county traffic signs stolen or defaced.  In an attempt to discourage such activity, we will start putting the following message on each sign, “$100.00 FINE FOR THEFT OR DEFACING”.   

If you have questions or concerns, I can be contacted at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it