A Passport

When can I apply for a passport?

You may apply for a passport Monday through Friday between 8:00am and 1:00pm. Passport applications WILL NOT be processed or accepted after 1:00pm.


What do I need to bring?


Note - You must also provide a photocopy of your proof of citizenship. The photocopy must be:

The Court Clerk's Office can make a copy with additional fee(s).


If I have children under the age of 16, do both parents need to be present?

Yes, however there are exceptions, please ask.


What if my child or children are 16 or 17 years of age?

Only one parent may be present.

Regardless of age, all applicants must appear in person.

All applications must be typed or filled out in black ink only.

Applications must be signed in the presence of a Deputy Clerk.


What are the fees for applying for a passport?

Administrative Fee (State): State fees are subject to change. For the most recent fee, please visit the Department of State (Fees). Acceptable forms of payment are: money order, cashier's check, or personal check made payable to the Department of State.

Filing Fee (Local): The Court Clerk's Office charges $35 (starting April 2, 2018) per passport. Acceptable forms of payment are cash, debit card or credit card, money order, and cashier's check (no personal checks). In addition, a fee of $1.00 for the first page and 50 cents for additional pages if the Court Clerk makes photocopies of your birth certificate.


For more information on passports

Processing Times: Visit the Department of State (Times).

Passport Application: Visit the Department of State (Application).

More Information: Visit the Department of State (Home Page).


The Court Clerk's Office handles passport inquiries. The Court Clerk's Office is located at 315 SW 5th Street, Room 504, Lawton, OK 73501, their phone number is 580-355-4017.